Yogyakarta Special Region Province has the biggest concentration of various types of hotels catering to the international tourist. There are six four-star hotels in Yogyakarta are Ambarrukmo Palace Natour Garuda, Sahid Garden, Santika, Century Yogya International and Yogya Palace of deluxe hotels with convention facilities swimming pools, tennis courts and restaurant. Three-star hotels of superior standard and all others hotels in the two star categories have TV set and refrigerator as well as telephone in the rooms and air conditioning.


Agung Mas Hotel
HOS Cokroaminoto Street 108
Phone: (0274) 619783

Agung Rahayu Hotel
Timoho Street 3-A
Phone: (0274) 515564

Andika Putra Hotel
Kapt P Tendean Street 6
Phone: (0274) 375330

Andika Wisma
Kapt P Tendean Street 61
Phone: (0274) 378530

Asia Afrika Hotel
Pasar Kembang Street 21
Phone: (0274) 514489

Bagus Hotel
Sosrowijayan Wetan Street Block GT-1/57
Phone: (0274) 515087

Berlian Hotel
Pasar Kembang Street 61
Phone: (0274) 560312

Bladok Losmen & Restoran
Sosrowijayan Street 76
Phone: (0274) 560452

Blue Safir Hotel
Dagen Street 18-22
Phone: (0274) 562589

Bumi Asih Yogyakarta Hotel
Kusumanegara Street 70
Phone: (0274) 384968

Cristalit Hotel
Prawirotaman Street, alley II Block MG-3/633
Phone: (0274) 374297

Desa Puri Hotel
Gedong Kuning Street 118
Phone: (0274) 375192

Gading Ayu Hotel
Ontorejo Street 23
Phone: (0274) 377779

Hasta Wisata Hotel
Sosrokusuman Street 16
Phone: (0274) 563111

Indonesia Hotel
Sosromenduran Street Block GT-1/272
Phone: (0274) 581745

Ambarukmo Palace Hotel
Laksda Adisucipto Street
Phone: (0274) 566488

Grage Yogya Hotel
Sosrowijayan Street 242
Phone: (0274) 560125

Ibis Malioboro Hotel
Malioboro Street 52-58
Phone: (0274) 516974

Inna Garuda Hotel
Malioboro Street 60
Phone: (0274) 566353

Ishiro Kencana Hotel
Kaliurang Street Km 4,2/7
Phone: (0274) 520230

Jayakarta Yogyakarta Hotel
Laksda Adisucipto Street Km 8
Phone: (0274) 566418

Melia Purosani Hotel
May Suryotomo Street 31
Phone: (0274) 589521

Mendut Hotel
Pasar Kembang Street 49
Phone: (0274) 563435

Novotel Yogyakarta
Jend Sudirman Street 89
Phone: (0274) 580930

Puri Artha Hotel
Cendrawasih Street 36
Phone: (0274) 563288

Quality Hotel Yogyakarta
Laksda Adisucipto Street 48
Phone: (0274) 485005

Sahid Raya Yogyakarta Hotel
Babarsari Tambakbayan Street
Phone: (0274) 488888

Santika Jogja Hotel
Jend Sudirman Street 19
Phone: (0274) 563036

Sejahtera Family Hotel & Apartment Yogyakarta
Pringgodani Street 22
Phone: (0274) 519339

Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Resort & Spa
Laksda Adisucipto Street Km 8,7
Phone: (0274) 511588

Kristina Hotel
Dagen Street 71-A
Phone: (0274) 512076

Kirana Hotel
Prawirotaman Street 45
Phone: (0274) 376600

Karunia Hotel
Sosrowijayan Street 78
Phone: (0274) 565057

Loka Wisata Hotel
Retno Dumilah Street 38
Phone: (0274) 371898

Mutiara Malioboro Yogyakarta Hotel
Malioboro Street 18
Phone: (0274) 563814

Nusa Dua Indah Hotel
Sosrowijayan Kulon Street Block JT-1/210
Phone: (0274) 541036

Panorama Hotel
Sultan Agung Street 95
Phone: (0274) 587485

Pariwisata Hotel
Pasar Kembang Street 53
Phone: (0274) 565581

Pura Jenggala Hotel
Demangan Baru Street 13
Phone: (0274) 564509

Rama Shinta Hotel
Patang Puluhan Street 23
Phone: (0274) 375948

Restu Hotel
Batikan Street 7
Phone: (0274) 377712

Sriwijaya Hotel
Prawirotaman Street 7
Phone: (0274) 371870

Istana Hotel
HOS Cokroaminoto Street 138
Phone: (0274) 512549

Jogokaryan Hotel
Jogokaryan Street 64
Phone: (0274) 375626

Sri Wedari Hotel & Cottage Yogyakarta
Laksda Adisucipto Street Km 6
Phone: (0274) 588288


Antilope Madju
Palagan Tentara Pelajar Street,

Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta
Phone: (0274) 869123


Hyatt Regency Hotel
Palagan Tentara Pelajar Street,

Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta
Phone: (0274) 869123

Niaga Hotel
Magelang Street Km 7,2
Phone: (0274) 868072

Borobudur Hotel
Magelang Street Km 6,3
Phone: (0274) 868271

Buana Graha Hotel
Magelang Street Km 7/204
Phone: (0274) 4362183


Agung Garden Hotel
Pantai Parangtritis Street
Phone: (0274) 367690

Budi Inn Hotel
Mancingan Parangtritis Street
Phone: (0274) 367781

Satyadewi Bona Graha
Girijati Panggang Street
Phone: (0274) 367196

Widodo Baru Hotel
Parangtritis Street
Phone: (0274) 367292

Mutiara Samodra Hotel
Parangtritis Village
Phone: (0274) 368497

Puri Ratu Kidul
Girijati Panggang Street
Phone: (0274) 367196

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The Special Region of Yogyakarta is one of the provinces of Indonesia that has a lot of beauties, there are always new tourist attractions there. Not surprisingly, Yogyakarta has become one of the favorite tourist destinations for travelers, both local and foreign tourists. Especially at this time, tourism in Yogyakarta continues to develop to present tourist destinations that are worth visiting. In addition to the Kalibiru National Park, there are new tourist destinations in Yogyakarta that should on your to-do-list when traveling to Yogyakarta. Kalibiru National ParkKalibiru National Park is…

The Uniqueness of A Hundred Year Old Tree Grows Towering From Inside The Cave

A towering tree inside Rancang Kencana cave in Bleberan Village, Playen District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. The tree is hundreds of years old. In 2003, a team of archaeologists from Gajah Mada University (UGM) conducted research on this tree. The results of his research, the tree is estimated to be about 300 years old. The big tree in the cave is called Klempit or Tlumpi. The Klempit tree bears fruit every rainy season. According to the local resident, the fruit of the tree can be eaten. The shape of…

Exploring A Waterfall That Was Once Used by A Hollywood Film

Every waterfall always keeps a story. Including the Sri Gethuk waterfall in Bleberan Village, Playen District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. Many people call Sri Gethuk a beautiful waterfall. The water comes from a limestone embankment river that cuts rock cliffs to form a waterfall. The Sri Gethuk waterfall flows into the Oyo river. Often the rocks under waterfalls are also used for meditation. Usually meditating in the morning before many visitors come. The beauty of Sri Gethuk waterfall is already famous. Even the Sri Gethuk waterfall was once used…

Explore Tebing Breksi Jogjakarta

When exploring Yogyakarta City, tourists should not forget to drop by in Prambanan Sub-District of Sleman Regency. Aside from offering beautiful temples, that area is also known for its Tebing Breksi or the Breccia Cliff. The exact location is in Sambirejo Village and it resides near to several famous temples like Prambanan, Ratu Boko, Candi Ijo, and Kalasan Temple. This majestic cliff is popular among tourists due to the excellent nuance and amazing landscapes, actually. No wonder, all visitors are likely to enjoy sightseeing and photography there. Some tourists also…

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