Ledok Sambi Village in Pakem Sub-District, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

When visiting Kaliurang Park, tourists should not miss the chance to explore nearby villages as well. For instance, there is Ledok Sambi Village in Pakem Sub-District. In terms of location, it is near to Merapi Mountain so it becomes a recommended place for travelers to explore. The other charms are the pristine environment, warm villagers, and traditional structures. Tourists can do many things there including photography, getting closer with the locals, playing with them, and explore all parts of the village. Somehow, it becomes a good site to relieve stresses too.

The Nuance
Ledok Sambi Village is known for its serene atmosphere, surrounded by leafy trees and traditional houses like Simon, Limasan, and Joglo. These houses feature a large yard used for playing and enjoying the nuance of nature. The villagers even build a unique playground featuring a pond and swings. The best thing is that tourists are allowed to try it and play with the villagers. What is more? Other charms of the village include farms and several local animals.  These objects, somehow, are worth a photo shoot.

Exploring Ledok Sambi Village
For first-timers, it is a little bit confusing when visiting Ledok Sambi Village due to lack of information. Also, they do not know what to do on the site later. Therefore, it is better to come with experienced tourists or a tour guide to enjoy a good time in the village. The first recommended thing to do is to enjoy its beauty! Ledok Sambi Village is both comfortable and stunning, due to the presence of lush nature. Even the air feels so refreshing and healthy, so the village becomes a good place to relax and get rid of stresses at once.

The next recommended activity to do in Ledok Sambi Village is trekking. In this case, tourists can simply explore the village guided by the locals. The first feature to see is indeed the local farms where farmers conduct activities like plowing, planting, etc. Next, there are some animal farms where tourists can see lots of dairy cows. In fact, they are allowed to learn how to milk those cows! As for a more casual activity, they can visit the local mushroom gardens to learn how to cultivate this commodity.

What is next? Ledok Sambi Village is suitable to enjoy a fun activity like outbound as well. The best one is flying fox, which is suitable for both adults and kids. Later, tourists need to visit the local artists and watch their performance and even learn how to perform it with them! When it comes to culture, the village has Sadranan, Kenduri, and Ruwahan. These are indeed interesting for tourists to enjoy during the visit.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Dragon’s Fruit Farm
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  • Gondang 2 Lovely Campground

How to Get There
From Adisucipto International Airport, travelers can simply head to Pakem Sub-District and reach the village right away. The distance is 20.3 km, so it takes about 40 minutes to get to the location. As for the best route, travelers can take Cangkringan Street.

Where to Stay

  • Raffles Holiday Hotel
  • Paraksari Hotel
  • Pakem Sari Hotel
  • Cakra Kusuma Hotel

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