Karang Pramuka Site in Pakem Sub-District, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Not all travelers know the fact that a famous campground resides near to Kaliurang called Karang Pramuka. This popular outbound site is located at the foot of Turgo Hill and accommodates people who want to enjoy fun activities like camping, exploration, and outbound activities. The good thing is that the site is safe, featuring numerous facilities and excellent services from the management. Thus, everyone can spend a good time there regardless of their age and purposes. If they do not feel like camping, they can simply watch the local scout groups doing routines on the site during a special occasion as well.

The Nuance
Due to its location which is near to Turgo Hill, Karang Pramuka shares some characteristics of such hill as well including pine trees, lush plants, and other types of trees. The campground site is quite wide and it can accommodate hundreds of campers! As for the facilities, visitors can find a meeting hall, canteens, toilets, and a parking lot. Several keepers are also on alert there, helping visitors with their needs. During holidays, though, the site becomes crowded as a group of scout and some communities book the campground to do their activities with their comrades.

Exploring Karang Pramuka Site
The most common reason to visit Karang Pramuka Site is to conduct camping. Most of the visitors are local students and the members of the scout. What about tourists? Well, they are allowed to use the site for camping as well. The only requirement is the permission of the keepers. Also, they need to come at the right time (when the campground is not booked). Thus, in order to avoid disappointment, they must gather information regarding the availability of the site first.

Aside from camping, Karang Pramuka also becomes a recommended place to conduct family gathering or reunion. The concept is an outdoor meeting where everyone can chat and do outdoor activities together. It would be fun, as the location features a comfortable atmosphere and beautiful scenery. On top of that, other fun activities can be done later including paintball and lava tour. For those who love adventure, moreover, they can enjoy short trekking and treasure hunter in nearby hills before going home.

Karang Pramuka Site, unlike forests and wild nature, is safe for everyone. Thus, they can enjoy comfortable camping and outdoor activities on the site. As long as they have prepared the required items like tent and foods, they are good to go. Also, it is better to do the activity with families or friends, to make it merrier!

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How to Get There
Karang Pramuka resides in Boyong Street, West Kaliurang. From Adisucipto International Airport, travelers need to head to Pakem Sub-District first. Next, they can simply go to Hargobinangun Village and visit the campground right away. The distance between the airport and the site is 25.3 km, actually. Also, always choose the right route, which is Cangkringan Street.

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