Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace

The palace court with its grand and elegant Javanese architecture lies in the centre of the city. It was founded Prince Mangkubumi in 1755. The Prince was then called Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I. He chose the right location of the compound between the Winongo River and the Code River.

The palace streches out from north to south. The front yard is called Alun-alun Utara (the North Square), and the back yard is called Alun-alun Selatan (the South Square). The lay out of the buildings shows that the Palace, the commemorative column and Mount Merapi lie in on line.

The palace meeting hall is called the Pagelaran, where formal meetings of palace officials are held, while the "Manguntur Tangkil" hall is the place where the Sultan is seated. The palace visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of the kraton in formertimes by visiting the lifesize diorama of wedding ceremonies on the palace meeting, performed by puppets which are intentionally arranged to create such an atmosphere. Sets of javanese musical instruments, antiques and heirlooms have made the palace of Yogyakarta.

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