Kaliurang Park in Pakem Sub-District, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Located in the north part of Yogyakarta Special Region, Kaliurang Park becomes a recommended site to enjoy a family recreation and other fun activities. The location is in Hargobinangun Village and it belongs to Pakem Sub-District. It has an easy access and the distance is around 25 from the main city. Due to its location which is near to Merapi Mountain, it features several natural attractions including various facilities like villas and resorts. No wonder, lots of visitors often come to the location both during weekends and holidays.

The Nuance
In terms of name, “Kali” means river and “Urang” means shrimp. Despite the name, visitors won’t find any prawns there. Instead, they can only find lush nature like trees, waterfalls, and other natural attractions. The good thing is that the local government has built several facilities to accommodate tourists on the site. Even a majestic Javanese Eagle monument resides there! The next fact is that the park is located on 878 meters above the sea level, so the atmosphere feels so refreshing and cold. Not to mention several bungalows are available for visitors to use, especially for relaxing.

Exploring Kaliurang Park
One of the reasons to visit Kaliurang Park is to learn the history of the site. According to the locals, during the 19th century, several Dutch geologists came to Yogyakarta with their families and looked for a place for living. This quest led them to Kaliurang and they were impressed by its lush and comfortable nature. No wonder, they decided to build some villas and resorts to stay there. Even these buildings remain and tourists can visit them when exploring Kaliurang. Somehow, these structures become a good background for photography too.

The next reason to visit Kaliurang Park is to enjoy the nuance, which is both cold and rejuvenating. Some people even say the air of the site would help them to eradicate respiratory toxins. Aside from relaxation, tourists usually enjoy sightseeing when exploring Kaliurang. For those coming families and kids, the site even provides a recreation site featuring several facilities like a mini swimming pool, swings, tiny cars, etc. No wonder, the site is good for bonding with families and enjoys a memorable recreation.

Another reason to visit Kaliurang is indeed to eat signature foods and drinks on the site. The most popular one is called Jadah Tempe, which is the combination of a delicious soybean cake and sticky rice. You can eat them like a burger, actually. The other famous foods are rabbit meat satay, klenyer rice, and tongseng. As for the drinks, tourists can enjoy Wedhang Ronde and Wedhang Gedhang.

Nearby Attractions

  • Merapi Peak
  • The Lost World Castle
  • Turgo Japanese Cave
  • Merapi Bunker

How to Get There
The distance between Adisucipto International Airport and Kaliurang Park is 28.9 km. That means the trip may take around 50 minutes to get to the site. This can be done through Pakem-Kalasan Street, actually. For a faster trip, make sure to use a comfortable vehicle and come during working days (when the traffic is low).

Where to Stay

  • Kana Hotel
  • Griya Persada Hotel
  • Sewu Padi Hotel
  • Setyawati Hotel

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