Tlogo Muncar Waterfall in Pakem Sub-District, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

For those visiting Kaliurang in Yogyakarta Special Region of Indonesia, they must be aware of a recommended attraction called Tlogo Muncar Waterfall. It resides in Harjobinangun Village and belongs to Pakem Sub-District. The good thing is that the location is quite accessible! Plus, it is quite famous so several people are seen on the site regardless of the time. What do they do? Usually, these people come to the location to enjoy photography, playing water, family recreation, and relaxation. Some of them also take advantage of the site to do short trekking and exploration, due to its lush nature.

The Nuance
The location is on the slope of Merapi Mountain Indonesia (878 meters above the sea level), so the atmosphere is both cold and refreshing. On top of that, it is surrounded by big trees and bushes. In terms of height, it is about 35 meters and the water feels chilly. The flow is relatively strong, but it would be a little weak during the dry season. As mentioned before, the access is excellent even bikes and cars can reach it easily. Not to mention many facilities are available near to it including food stands, toilets, inns etc.

Exploring Tlogo Muncar Waterfall
Almost all people who live in Yogyakarta have heard about Tlogo Muncar Waterfall. This natural tourism site has become a good reference for those coming to Kaliurang, as well. Not only the waterfall is beautiful, it offers refreshing atmosphere as well. This explains why many visitors are likely to enjoy relaxation and sightseeing on the site. Some of them even choose it as a good place to eradicate stresses. On top of that, it is the part of Kaliurang Park so visitors can get to other attractions easily.

The water comes from the fountain located at the foot of Merapi Mountain. No wonder, it feels a little bit cold but refreshing. Thus, make sure to play water when visiting the site. As an alternative, visitors can explore the site and meet some wild monkeys. Have no worries. They are harmless, but they can be naughty sometimes (staling tourists’ stuff). In this case, make sure to prepare some snacks to feed them.

Not only the site offers stunning waterfall, it also provides several good references to children’s recreation park, swimming pool, and camping ground. However, make sure to prepare the equipment before enjoying such facilities. As for the tip, do not forget to carry a camera as well. It would be useful later to capture good moments and beautiful objects around the site. When it comes to snacks, Jadah Tempe becomes the best choice.

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How to Get There
The checkpoint is Adisucipto International Airport. From there, tourists only need to head to Pakem Sub-District through Raya Tajem Street. The distance is 18.2 km, so the trip may take only around 30-50 minutes. Later, they can simply head to Harjobinangun Village and visit the waterfall right away.

Where to Stay

  • Ros-in Hotel
  • Adhistana Hotel
  • Sambi Resort
  • The Alanna Hotel

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