Pancoh Village in Turi Sub-District, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

The fact is that tourists can find several tourist villages located near to Merapi National Park (Kaliurang). One of them resides in Turi Sub-District and the name is Pancoh Village. The distance between Merapi Peak and this village is only 15 km, so visitors are able to enjoy outdoor activities easily and explore the village on the same day. Another good thing is that tourists can learn local culture and approach the villagers to hear some stories related Merapi Mountain. The village even becomes a good location to capture beautiful pictures of nature and selfies.

The Nuance
Once arriving at Pancoh Village, tourists might feel the serene nuance. It is because the village is surrounded by natural features like Salak trees, local retention basin, and much more. Not to mention the villagers live modestly, so not many vehicles are seen on the site. This explains why the village can be a perfect location to find peace and relaxation during holidays. As for the facilities, tourists can find a homestay, parking area, camping ground, Joglo, and art gallery. Several farms and beautiful rivers reside in this peaceful village as well.

Exploring Pancoh Village
Being one of the most recommended villages to visit in Kaliurang Area, Pancoh should be everyone’s choice when it comes to ecotourism. As for fun activities, the village is suitable to do river exploration due to its beautiful river flows and clear water. This can be done either alone or with the guidance of the villagers, actually. During the exploration, tourists can even get in and play water comfortably. The thing is the location of the river is a little bit far from the settlement, so they must walk for several minutes to get to the site.

What is next? Visitors are also interested to witness local activities especially farming. It is because the majority of people who live in this area are farmers. No wonder, tourists would find some farms there as well. These people start going to the farms in the morning and do some stuff like plowing, farming, harvesting, etc. As for tourists, these activities are worth a photo shoot. If they are lucky, they can join local farmers to do those activities. One thing, be prepared to get dirty and prepare extra clothes beforehand.

The next thing to do is to visit nearby traditional houses called Joglo and the art gallery. It is free to enter those structures, after all. For more interesting activity, visitors can go camping and build a tent at the available campground. The location is not quite far from this settlement, in fact. As for the last activity, before going home, tourists can pick some snake fruits (Salak) and eat them directly from the farm. 

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Adisucipto International Airport, travelers can directly go to Turi Sub-District. Later, their last destination would be Pancoh Village, which is part of Girikerto. The whole trip takes around 50 minutes and the distance between the airport and the village is 28.3 km. For the faster trip, tourists need to take Cangkringan Street.

Where to Stay

  • Paraksari Hotel
  • Kana Hotel
  • Griya Persada Hotel
  • Sejahtera II Hotel

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