Pronojiwo Peak in Pakem Sub-District, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

It is true that many allures are available near to a famous vacation site like Kaliurang Park. Here is the example. The name is Pronojiwo Peak and it resides in Hargobinangun Village. It is located in the east of Tlogo Putri and Plawangan Hill. Also, it is part of Merapi Mountain National Park and offers breathtaking scenery and refreshing atmosphere. On top of that, visitors take advantage of the site to enjoy short trekking. Therefore, those who come to Kaliurang should not miss the opportunity to drop by on this good site.

The Nuance
Two routes are available to get to the peak of Pronojiwo. The fastest route is the one that resides near to Tlogo Muncar Waterfall. As for the second route, it is located near to the entrance of the site and offers less difficulty. It takes longer, though. In terms of nuance, various types of plants and trees grow in Pronojiwo Peak and its surrounding. Have no worries. Trekkers can easily enjoy hiking due to the presence of stairs on the site. That means it is quite easy to get to the peak, even for beginners. Once arriving at the peak, there is a viewing post where tourists can use for sightseeing. This structure faces directly to Merapi, so everyone can see such grandiose mountain clearly as long as the weather is nice.

Exploring Pronojiwo Peak
Despite the trekking routes to Pronojiwo Peak don’t come in perfect condition, they are safe for everyone. It is because numerous natural disasters occurred in the past and cause several damages to the routes, including landslides and fallen trees. Knowing this fact, tourists should never come during bad weather (during rain or foggy) in order to avoid getting injured during trekking. It is also important to wear appropriate footwear and clothes when getting to the peak of Pronojiwo.

Once arriving at the peak, tourists can directly approach the viewing post and witness natural scenery from the site. Even though Pronojiwo is shorter than Turgo and Plawangan Hill, the views are not inferior to those two. The viewing post has two levels, but the best view comes from the second level for sure. These include the Merapi Mountain and green trees that surround the site.

Another important allure of Pronojiwo Peak is the presence of wild monkeys living in the trees. They often approach tourists and hang out near to the viewing post, as well. Have no worries. They do not cause harm to visitors. Instead, they might ask for foods or snacks from visitors cutely. Therefore, do not forget to prepare some snacks beforehand, especially peanuts.

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How to Get There
As mentioned earlier, Pronojiwo Peak is the part of Merapi National Park. That means tourists only need to take 60 minutes to get to the location if they come from Adisucipto International Airport. The distance is 29 km and the fastest route to take is Pakem – Kalasan Street.

Where to Stay

  • Kana Hotel
  • Sewu Padi Hotel
  • Setyawati Hotel
  • Anugrah Wisata Hotel
  • Raffles Hotel

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