Merapi Hillside Tour in Cangkringan Sub-District, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Enjoying Merapi Hillside Tour is suitable for those who love adventure and exploration. As the name suggests, such trekking would be done in the slope of the Merapi Volcano. Despite the fact, the best spot is located in Kepuharjo Village, Cangkringan Sub-District. From the village, tourists can do trekking and explore the slope of the mountain to their heart content. Another popular thing to do is photography! The landscape becomes a perfect background for it, after all. Some people also take the chance to visit the home of Marijan (the past caretaker of Merapi) who died during the last eruption of the mountain.

The Nuance
Many features are available to explore during trekking in the slope of Merapi Mountain. These include the bunker, rocky hills, etc. Regardless of the site, the majestic views of nature are seen clearly from there (as long as the weather is good). Sometimes, though, fog becomes quite troublesome as it covers most of the attractions of the scenery. In terms of nuance, the landscape is dry and rocky. As for the atmosphere, it remains chilly due to the fact it resides on the highland.

Exploring Merapi Hillside
The slopes and villages located near to Merapi Volcano often become best references when it comes to trekking. One of them is definitely Kaliadem, having the distance of 35 from Yogyakarta City. Usually, trekkers set out in the morning and find a tour guide beforehand. Once they arrive at Kepuharjo or Kaliadem, they prepare the equipment including a map, bottled water, comfortable jacket, etc. Two most famous villages for trekking are Kinahrejo and Kepuharjo, having the distance of 5 km from the Peak of Merapi Mountain.

Even though those are called villages, no villagers live there anymore due to the risk of future eruption. In fact, the last eruption destroyed them and left only several main structures. Despite the fact, the locals and tourists take advantage of the villages to conduct a unique activity called “Volcano Trekking”. That means they would explore the sites and even visit the house of deceased Marijan (the caretaker of the mountain). Aside from trekking, photography is also popular there. Somehow, the nuance feels a little bit creepy which is similar to a ghost urban area.

Some locals call the activity as “Napak Tilas”, actually. Have no worries. Some of them would offer a tour guiding service, as well, in fact. Have worries. Spending some money on such service is worth the expense, especially for first-timers. After enjoying trekking, the last thing to do is to buy traditional foods like Jadah Tempe, Pecel Rice, etc. Do not forget to drink a soothing beverage called Wedang Gedhang.

Nearby Attractions

  • The Lost World Castle
  • Merapi Peak

How to Get There
From Adisucipto International Airport, travelers only need to head to Cangkringan Sub-District and reach Kepuharjo Village afterward. This trip takes only around 45 minutes as the distance is 23.4 km. For a faster trip, make sure to take Pakem-Kalasan Street, which is the best route.

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  • Ayah Bunda Inn
  • Sejahtera II Hotel

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