Pulesari Village in Turi Sub-District, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

One of the reasons to visit Kaliurang Park is the presence of interesting villages located near to the site. Well, as for the reference, tourists can visit Pulesari Village. It belongs to Turi Sub-District and the location is quite accessible! Despite the unpopularity, several tour agents recommend it to tourists due to its peaceful atmosphere and delicious local foods. The villagers live in a modest way, so they show an interesting way of living which is different from those of citizens. Not to mention visitors can enjoy local culture, which becomes a distinct entertainment for holidays.

The Nuance
Once tourists get to the village, they may see a big wooden sign entitled “Desa Dewi Pule”. Usually, this sign becomes the best background for those who want to take photography or selfies. In terms of nuance, Pulesari Village is indeed serene and clean. Many Salak trees grow on the farms and traditional houses scatter in all parts of the site. Actually, the village resides on 500-800 meters above the sea level. No wonder, the atmosphere is a little bit chilly there. As for the villagers, they are quite friendly and warm to everyone including tourists.

Exploring Pulesari Village
The most interesting feature of the village is indeed the clean river located about 250 meters from the main settlement. Usually, tourists play water and wash their feet on this river before conducting further adventure. The next feature is the local Salak (snake fruits) farm. The good thing is that tourists are allowed to pick the fruits directly from the farm and watch the activity of the farmers during the cultivation process. Later, they can learn how to cook the fruits and turn them into several snacks like chips, wingko, bakpia, etc.

The next thing to do in Pulesari Village is to join the local community and explore the site together. In this case, the best place to visit is Dewi Pule. Many people come from different regions to enjoy outbound and other fun activities there. Sometimes, people come to the site to enjoy an office gathering as well. That is why the village becomes quite crowded during weekends and holidays due to the presence of these people. Have no worries. The nuance feels so merry and fun!

In a nutshell, Pulesari Village is suitable for numerous activities like river trekking, caving, visiting local farms, culinary, and local culture learning. Not to mention newlywed can take advantage of the village to spend their honeymoon! Thanks to the presence of several homestays for them to use for resting during the visit.

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How to Get There
From Adisucipto International Airport, travelers only need to head to Turi Sub-District before heading to Pulesari Village. The distance is 29.1 km so it takes about 50 minutes to get to the site. For the best trip, make sure to take Padjajaran or North Ringroad Street.

Where to Stay

  • Disaster Oasis Hotel
  • Kana Hotel
  • Sewu Padi Hotel
  • Griya Persada Hotel

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