Merapi Mountain National Park in Pakem Sub-District, Yogyakarta Special Region - Indonesia

In Pakem Sub-District, tourists can find a famous vacation spot called Merapi Mountain National Park. This lush and comfy natural attraction is located in Hargobinangun Village and has become a good place to enjoy family recreation and trekking. Not to mention the location is quite strategic, so everyone can reach the site easily. Visitors can both witness pristine nature and several wild animals there. Also, they are able to eradicate stresses at once, feeling the fresh air of the highland. At least, there are 3 main attractions to explore on the site including a waterfall, Kaliurang Peak, and historical cave.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Merapi Mountain National Park is both cozy and peaceful. No wonder, it is surrounded by big trees and cold atmosphere of the mountain. Even several wild animals are often seen including monkeys, birds, and insects. At the entrance, tourists can park their vehicle in the available parking lot and find food stands there. The most popular one is definitely Mbah Carik’s Jadah Tempe, which is one of the signature foods of the site. When it comes to facilities, visitors can find toilets, musholla, etc.

Exploring Merapi Mountain National Park
So, what can tourists do in Merapi Mountain National Park? Well, they have many options and one of them is trekking. At least, more than 150 species of plants grow in this area including Acacia decurens. Here is the thing. The size of the park is around 6,400 hectares so it takes much energy to get around it thoroughly. As an alternative, tourists can simply visit the most important spots in the park instead of exploring it in an exhaustive manner.

One of the reasons to visit Merapi Mountain National Park is to learn its significance. It is said the park becomes the home of several prime springs that accommodate all creatures living near to the location. Not to mention it acts as a dynamic ecosystem and a good spot to spend a memorable vacation either with friends or families. In fact, some people come alone to the park to find peace and get rid of stresses. Here are several things they can enjoy on the park, actually.

The most popular one is trekking through Kinahrejo – Tlogo Muncar. During trekking, tourists can enjoy the nuance of tropical forest with its soothing atmosphere. Next, they can visit nearby waterfalls and enjoy their fresh water. What is next? There is even an interesting traditional ritual done by the locals, called Labuhan. The purpose is to prevent the wrath of Merapi Volcano and to bring fortunes to villagers.

Nearby Attractions

  • Merapi Peak
  • Bening Village
  • Tanen Village
  • 76 Hill

How to Get There
Once tourists arrive at Adisucipto International Airport, they can take either a bus or taxi to Pakem Sub-District through Cangkringan Street. The distance is 26.7 km, so the trip takes about 60 minutes. The last thing to do is to head to the park right away and pay the ticket at the entrance.

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  • Griya Persada Hotel
  • Ngesti Laras Hotel
  • Eden 2 Hotel
  • Paraksari Hotel

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