Kali Kuning Hill in Cangkringan Sub-District, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Many travelers have recognized the southern beaches of Yogyakarta Special Region, but they are also aware of Kaliurang which is located in the north part of the city. What is in there? One of the best attractions is called Kali Kuning Hill! It is located in Doyo Village and belongs to Cangkringan Sub-District, Kaliurang Indonesia. Not only the site offers stunning panorama, it is suitable for numerous outdoor activities like outbound training and camping. Those who love trekking can also take advantage of the site to satisfy their hobby, actually.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Kali Kuning Hill features numerous natural attractions. For instance, there is the scenery of Plawangan Hill on the west part. On the north, tourists can see the panorama of Merapi Mountain as well. During the exploration, they may meet several local birds including Kebo and Penyu Starling. They are both beautiful and exotic! As for the plants, the most famous ones are Puspa and Soga trees. Also, during holidays, more visitors come to the hill and they build a tent to conduct camping. No wonder, the atmosphere is more crowded than other hills located near to Merapi Mountain.

Exploring Kali Kuning Hill
The most popular thing to do in Kali Kuning Hill is trekking. Unlike other trekking routes in Kaliurang, this one features an easy landscape and more beautiful natural attractions. Moreover, it takes only 30 minutes to explore the site and reach the peak of the hill. During trekking, tourists may see many plants and animals. This includes the stunning pine forest, which emits a peaceful ambiance. As if, trekkers pass through paradise garden! The songs of the birds make it a more meaningful experience, in fact.

In the midst of trekking, tourists can also find a river with its crystal clear water. Near to the river, several Soga and Puspa trees grow beautifully. Not only they look majestic, the trees have a unique story as well. According to the locals, Soga trees won’t survive without the eruption of the mountain. No one knows why, though. As for the Puspa trees, they would remain despite being burnt by hot clouds of the volcano! As long as the root remains, those trees would keep living.

The next charm of Kali Kuning Hill is the presence of andesite rocks scattered around the location. As for the fauna, visitors can meet several rare animals like Javanese Eagle and wild roosters. Have no worries. During trekking, they can take advantage of some available facilities as well including food stands, information center, inns, toilets, and parking area.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pentingsari Village
  • Kali Dalem
  • Kepuharjo Village
  • Merapi Mountain Museum

How to Get There
For those coming from Adisucipto International Airport, the prime destination is Cangkringan Sub-District. Next, they only need to go to Doyo Village and conduct trekking to Kali Kuning Hill. The whole trip takes about 40 minutes and the distance is 20.7 km. As for the route, the best one to take is Pakem-Kalasan Street.

Where to Stay

  • Rose Garden Family Hotel
  • Klenting Kuning Hotel
  • Nguntara Gati Hotel
  • Puas Hotel

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