Shaba Outbound in Pakem Sub-District, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

A family recreation in Kaliurang Park is always popular among tourists. Aside from sightseeing, they also want to enjoy other fun things like outbound and outdoor activities. The good thing is that they have several options of locations where they can enjoy such stuff, including at Shaba Outbound site. The location is in Karanggeneng Village and it belongs to Pakem Sub-District. It resides near to Perjuangan Srowolan Market and has been managed professionally by the locals. That means the guests can enjoy outbound activities without neglecting the safety and comfort element.

The Nuance
Despite the good management, Shaba Outbound does not feature advanced facilities. That means visitors would see the modest outbound rides made from bamboos and other local materials. Still, the keepers or people who work on the site would make sure the safety of all the guests. This way, parents do not need to worry regarding their kids’ protection while spending a good time on the site. Not only the locals, but visitors also come from other regions! Even foreigners come to this location sometimes. It becomes a perfect place to get closer to nature and bond with families, after all.

Exploring Shaba Outbound
Shaba Outbound puts forward interesting land topography and natural beauty. This way, visitors can enjoy outdoor activities in a more satisfying manner as compared to an artificial outbound arena. The first allure of this site is the opportunity to explore the river, which belongs to the nearby village. During this adventure, the staff would accompany the guests through such activity. No wonder, it becomes safer for those who never had that experience before. Moreover, river exploration suits everyone regardless of the age including kids.

What is next? Shaba Outbound suits those who love the nuance of the countryside, including the songs of the birds and cold atmosphere of the highland. Here is the good thing. The site is unspoiled, so nature looks so pristine and clean. This is why the participants of the outbound program should not litter or cause any harm to the site. Even though the locals and management take a good care of the site, visitors should do the same when spending a good time there.

Aside from river exploration, Shaba Outbound offers other opportunities like climbing. The locals have built some rides made of bamboo, after all. Have no worries. Despite the modest appearance, these are safe and sturdy. Both the staff and villagers would explain clearly regarding how to use those rides as well. It would be merrier as they would join tourists as well to do some fun activities together.

Nearby Attractions

  • Gabugan Village
  • Kembang Arum Palagan Monument
  • Turi Village

How to Get There
For those coming from Adisucipto International Airport, they can head to Pakem Sub-District right away. Their next destination is indeed Karanggeneng Village where Shaba Outbound site resides. The whole trip has the distance of 21.7 km, so it takes around 45 minutes to get to the location. Make sure to use North Ring Road Street, though.

Where to Stay

  • Pakem Sari Hotel
  • Kana Hotel
  • Pisang Resort
  • Akasa Hotel

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