Tlatar Kandangan Village in Turi Sub-District, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Exploring the nature sounds perfect for travelers, especially those who love outdoor activities. During a vacation in Kaliurang Area, for example, there is a recommended destination called Tlatar Kandangan Village. The location is in Turi Sub-District and it belongs to Sleman Regency. The locals know this site for its perfect landscape and nuance to conduct several activities like outbound, camping, snake fruits picking, etc. Many college students also often spend outdoor activities together on this site. Moreover, people who live outside Yogyakarta visit this village occasionally before heading to Merapi National Park.

The Nuance
Like other villages located near to Merapi Mountain, Tlatar Kandangan features refreshing air and peaceful atmosphere. It is, without a doubt, visitors can find several farms of snake fruits (Salak) there. When it comes to the settlement, the houses look modest and the villagers live peacefully. On top of that, there are not many vehicles are seen on the location. What is more? The view of Merapi Mountain looks clear and majestic from the site, as the location is considered near. No wonder, with all these features, the local government included it into the list of tourist villages of Sleman Regency.

Exploring Tlatar Kandangan Village
Once tourists get to Tlatar Kandangan Village, they can feel its chilly atmosphere right away. Several villagers are seen on the site chatting and gathering, too. It would be great if visitors know how to speak the Indonesian Language, actually. This way, they can get some information from those people and hear some stories regarding the development of the village. According to the locals, they have been working hard to improve facilities and services so that the village is able to attract more tourists over time.

The fact is that Tlatar Kandangan Village resides at the foot of Merapi Mountain. That means it offers amazing natural views and an easy access to get to the Peak of Merapi Mountain. The distance between the settlement and the peak of the mountain is only 5 km, after all. For those who want to enjoy natural scenery, the best time to explore the village is definitely in the morning. The sun shines warmly and it creates a perfect panorama as well, especially when witnessing Merapi Mountain from such location.

Aside from witnessing the stunning panorama of Merapi Mountain, Tlatar Kandangan becomes a good place to enjoy agro-tourism. Thanks to the local Salak farms. Tourists are able to pick the fruits directly from the farms and eat them with friends or families. As an alternative, they can buy some of the fruits and bring them back home. The locals even produce delicious foods and drinks made of those fruits, in fact. These include Salak syrup and chips!

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How to Get There
For those coming from Adisucipto International Airport, they can choose Raya Tajem Street to get to Turi Sub-District. Later, they should head to Tlatar Kandangan Village right away. The trip would take around 55 minutes and the distance is 26.5 km.

Where to Stay

  • Pakemsari Hotel
  • Eden II Hotel
  • Griya Persada Hotel

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