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Tourists have a different impression when it is on a vacation in Kaliurang Park. It is true that most of them may think about natural tourism, but they should not overlook other available attractions of the site including traditional ceremonies done by the locals. For instance, it is Labuhan Ceremony (which is the signature tradition of Yogyakarta Palace). Usually, it is done during Rejeb Month in either Lawu or Parangkusumo Beach. However, it is also part of Merapi Mountain’s attraction and done in Srimanganti Post 1, Kinahrejo Village.

The Nuance
When it comes to the nuance, Labuhan Ceremony is indeed both merry and sacred. The locals wear traditional costume and they gather to conduct a convoy to the destined location. Usually, the checkpoint is in Kinahrejo Village (where the deceased Marijan lived) before heading to Srimanganti Post 1. The villagers carry several offerings to such spot to show their sincerity to nature. Hopefully, they can prevent disasters and misfortunes that may come in the future. Merapi Mountain is one of the most sacred natures, so the locals take a good care of it in order to prevent the wrath of nature.

Exploring Labuhan Ceremony
The procession starts in the house of deceased Marijan. People would gather in the pendopo and prepare everything before heading to the Srimanganti Post 1. Here is the good thing. Tourists are allowed to join the ceremony as long as they wear appropriate clothes and follow the instructions given by the locals. During the journey, these people would pray together to make sure the procession runs smoothly. There would be the time when they take some time to rest, as well.

While resting, they would use an open field to place offerings (Ubo Rampe) on the altar. This takes about 5-10 minutes depending on the weather and the number of participants. Next, they are going to the destined post without taking another rest. Once arriving at the site, the leader (Juru Kunci) conducts the prime offerings ceremony and put some required items like Sinjang Cangkring, Lisah Konyoh, Sinjang Limar, etc. Actually, Labuhan Merapi was led by Marijan when he was still alive. It has been passed down to the next Juru Kunci due to his death, though.

During the ceremony, these people would burn incense as well and pray together to prevent the future eruption of Merapi Mountain. The procession runs quietly, emitting a strange atmosphere! No wonder, tourists would feel uncomfortable to do inappropriate things during the event. It is common sense, as Labuhan is something that everyone should respect after all.

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How to Get There
For those who want to either join or witness Merapi Labuhan Ceremony, they need to head to Cangkringan Sub-District first. From Adisucipto International Airport, the trip may take about an hour as the distance is 28.8 km. Next, they can head to Kinahrejo Village directly to gather with villagers or other participants. As for the route, it is better to take Pakem – Kalasan Street.

Where to Stay

  • Klenting Kuning Hotel
  • Sido Akur Hotel
  • Setyawati Hotel
  • Griya Persada Hotel
  • Anggrek Bulan Hotel

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